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it takes me 5ever

to answer asks. Even when they are just anon compliments.


Anon 1: Being anon is not offensive at all geez…! It’s just that… I tend to answer them a lot slower than non-anon. Last month was sort of crazy for me so some of these are a month+ old heheheehehee ._.

Anon 2 + 3: I have no words except thank you from the bottom of my heart?! I only aim to inspire.


the-angry-blob: Dave/talking. Dave needs to never stop talking because it is always hilarious, and apparently he actually doesn’t stop even when he is by himself in the corner so I guess my ship is canon. SCORE

Anon 2: I am so happy to hear this! I’ve been drawing for Homestuck just over a year now, wow. I’m glad you’ve found your way here.

victoriazwingli: I try to make my tumblr nice, and I am happy you enjoy it <3

Anon 1: I use the normal brush, haha. Any flow is courtesy of ctrl+z and a near OCD need for swishy lines.  Thanks!

Anon 2: I do not! I have no idea how twitter works. I think I am going to be left behind in this era if I don’t learn, so I might try it out sometime.

karkatvant-ass: hehe, I tried to inject their personalities into the brief seconds of each appearance, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Eridan and Feferi are a fun dynamic, their section was pretty easy to imagine.

Anon 1: The animations take a while sometimes but thank you <3!!!!

Anon 2: Wow you’re right. Dang.

Oncieswag+anon 1: I’m 22 and from the US =v=. I’m happy to inspire!

Ocae: Yay, I’m excited to eventually finish it! I still don’t entirely know how it’ll end up looking. It’s all one big experiment.

Anon 2: Kids x Fun, the entire wall.

nerdgeekdweeb + orange-for-homestuck: YOUR SWEET ASKS MAKE ME CRY EMOTIONS ;A;

Anon 1: Man it is impossible to put a timer on animating, because it really depends on the content of the animation. Something like a head-turn is more detailed than, say, a zoom-out, and will take more time. But sometimes if I’m on my game the head-turn will take no time at all. So it can range anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour for a seconds’ worth of animation.

anshiel: this ask was from like 3 weeks ago and I hope that it worked out in the end even without my crucial advice which is DO IT RIGHT NOW AHHHH

bluepunklover: I don’t do requests, sorry! But I am going to open commissions soon, and it’ll be pretty cheap <3

Ahhhh thank you sarahfu!!! I’m super flattered to hear this, especially from you <3. I’ve thought about recording how I animate at least, but I couldn’t get the camera program to cooperate nicely last I tried. Umm I could try writing up a post about how I got into it, but it would be basically a rec list of WATCH THESE and it would be all Tekkon Kinkreets and FLCLs and my followers slowly realizing just how much time I’ve wasted watching cartoons and animus. But I will do it! Any my animating style is still being crafted. I really, really don’t know what I’m doing but it seems to turn out okay in the end regardless. Still, I will also try to write up some tips and tricks, since people seem to be interested in that.

Man that was a ton of asks. Thank you to everybody who takes the time to leave them, I’m sorry I’m not the most prompt of repliers. I’m keeping up with Homestuck of course, but I’ve begun to branch into other series as well, so there will be a mix of things being posted on this blog (maybe even some original stuff? I have a ton of it for sure). To followers new and old, I count myself lucky to be among a fantastic group of people. Thank you again <3

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