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Answers: The Re-askening

text heavy cut under this. be prepared for words to burst through your doors and lay themselves prostrate all over your screens like rude house guests

Here we go!

kkthelovedoctor asked you: i only wished that i had split personalities so that i may follow you 500 times over, for you deserve all the followers. all of them.

Haha, a 500x follow combo! It’s too bad you can’t follow-spam. Or can you? You can’t even likespam anymore… ANYWAY thank you for the kind words! I’m happy to entertain, and I hope I can continue to entertain.

flamagram666 asked you: My your art is wonderful! *A* i’ve to follow you immediately!!! *w* Keep up the wonderful work hun! <3 

Oh gosh thank you. I flip-flop between styles a lot because woah I’m an indecisive artist and still trying to find a unique and recognizable method of drawing, but I’m glad you like my art!

Anonymous asked you: First off, I love your art, absolutely. With that out of the way, I’d like to congratulate you for practically predicting the Auto-Harley update. You were almost spot-on. :P

Haha, no congrats necessary, I was but one among hundreds in this prediction. Too bad Jade seemed almost surprised about the auto-Harley, that changes the nuance of the act… Dave probably knew Bec Noir couldn’t hurt her otherwise he wouldn’t have done it, but I guess Jade didn’t know :\

verbalsunshine asked you: Oh goodness, the face I made when I realised you were the creator of that cute comic about Nepeta and Sollux messing with Karkat and Gamzee and the sound I just made when I realised you were the creator of that adorable colour-changing kids animation…
Your art is amazing. I love it. I love how your style varies depending on the mood of the art, I love the shades and tints you used on Jack’s wings, I love how you can make a colourless sketch of Vriska so beautiful and a simple red and black picture of Karkatcestor so dynamic. I love the colour combinations you choose, especially when the colours give a light and fluffy mood to the pictures like in some JohnKat pictures, among others (I’m sure there are far better and more normal-sounding words for what I’m saying, but I don’t know them due to my lack of art education, sorry). I adore pretty much every drawing you have done of Jade ever. And I absolutely love love love John!Karkat and Karkat!John’s faces, they are so expressive and they are the best things. But all your art is so amazing, goodness. ouo
Hmm, a question… it is quite likely that you’ve been asked this several times before, but what is your favourite artwork that you’ve created so far?
Now adieu until next time~

So I had to let this sit in my askbox for a few days because wow, I actually could not begin to even answer such a thoughtful message in anything resembling coherence, or anything that could appropriately express how happy receiving this made me! The thought that you took the time to sit down and outline what it is you like about my artwork is the most flattering thing. I am extremely grateful for this message and these heartfelt words, especially because my style switches are one of the most frustrating things about how I draw, to me. It’s experimentation to be sure, but it’s hard to tell if all of this jumping around is making any sort of permanent impact on how I’m developing as an artist. But it’s reassuring to hear that you like this, and that people seem to like this, because it assuages some of the completely unnecessary guilt I gather from not sticking to a single style.

I have actually never been asked what my favorite creation is so far. I like bits and pieces, top examples being Jade’s hair in this and the background in this. But if there’s one work I will always be proud of, it’s the kids animation. I don’t know much about animating beyond what I’ve taught myself, but I’m just really happy with how this came together. Thanks for asking!

And that concludes today’s ask spam. I hope people don’t mind me doing these now and then, I’ll try to bunch them and separate them with artposts. Things I’m working on right now: Karkat fighting animation (90% done) and this

Join us next time for the eye-popping 3D adventures in ASKS: Answers Forever

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