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Let me clear this up, since I’ve been answering these messages privately when I can:

I will not be coloring the thing. The animation is Finished.

I’ve said before that I only intended to sketch it out and sync the music. Some people seem to be insisting that it would look better fully cleaned and fully colored and that it still looks unfinished. And yes, it is sketchy, it is raw. But a cleaned version is not what I had ever planned for this project.

To the people offering to color my animation: I thank you for your interest, but respectfully refuse. I’m proud of how it looks; it’s a snapshot of my animation abilities, spanning a year’s worth of time. I wanted to change so much of what was in the beginning, so many glaring mistakes. But that felt disingenuous.

It is finished. Thank you for your enthusiasm!

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Answer Box

Time to clean out the ol’ anon inbox!

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And a process video. It’s a little low-quality, but at least you can get a sense of how much I abuse ctrl-z, and how I am really just continuously flying by the seat of my pants. This is about 50 minutes’ worth of animating condensed to ~9 minutes.


In which I answer questions that keep happening!

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Animation FAQ

Not annoying at all!! I used Photoshop CS3 for the bulk of it, and then my computer died so I moved to CS5. Still getting the hang of it, but luckily the animation stuff hasn’t changed much. I’ve gotten a few asks about my process, and even though I am pretty sure my animation process can be summed up by saying ‘draw lots of pictures in succession and hope they look good together’, I guess I will try and explain a little bit more about how I’ve been doing things. Mind you, I really, really suggest looking up tutorials online if you are interested in animation because this is barebones and it’s just explaining technical aspects of how I animate in CS5 rather than specific techniques. And also half the time I am animating I am mucking around practicing things I’ve just looked up on the internet. So here we go  ┌(;・ω・)┘

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