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Commission round up! Lotsa super fun OCs, and some familiar characters. Halfway through these, my computer gave up on me so all of the funds went towards a new computer. Y’all are keeping me alive and working here, thank you so much.

I’m opening them again, details here. So if anybody’s interested send me a message or an email at guzusuru@gmail!

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Commissions time! If you’re interested in a commission:

- Send me an ask with your email, or email me at saying that you’re interested in claiming a slot

- I will contact you asking what you would like, and once payment is confirmed I will begin the piece

Prices are in USD, payments through Paypal only. I am comfortable drawing almost anything! NSFW is negotiable. If you have a reference picture or a particular art style in mind, please include them in the email. Complex backgrounds are subject to price adjustment depending on how long they take me to draw.

That’s it! Thank you for reading <3

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Another commission I finished!
jcolney&#8217;s original characters Damon, Shane and Jack.

Another commission I finished!

jcolney’s original characters Damon, Shane and Jack.

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Some of the commissions I’ve been working on these past few weeks! They were a lot of fun to work on, and I got to meet some really sweet people. If you’re interested, commission info is here

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I’m pretty much done with commissions, thank you to everybody who liked and reblogged and commissioned! I’m pretty pleased with how everything turned out, and these are just glimpses some of the ones I got permission to post <3.

It all went so smoothly, I’ll be sure to go another round shortly. Thanks again everybody!!

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