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So. I have been sitting on this for a long time, tumblr. Its unfinished but I’m done with it, sorry homies!

the incredibly teamtrashcan made a pretty cool animation MONTHS ago, a frame by frame recreation of an anime intro using homestuck characters. It was pretty excellent!

I thought it would be funny to write music for it, but my good friend Lexxy suggested it would be even more hilarious to make a complete intro. So I set to work trying to recreate George Buzinkai’s Endless Climb melody into something so anime it shits desu.

To accomplish this I had Lexxy and Alex sing the most engrish lyrics somebody wrote (sorry don’t know who you are) and used Dave’s theme as that sort of BUSY BASSLINE feel. (notice that video is 4:13???? COINCIDENCE???? yes)

I then asked a slew of other artists to help me out. Originally, Ashe was going to animate a short intro, as I had a lot of song to fill at this point, but she ran out of time between school and her con schedule. Ari supplied the inbetween commercial break panels. Fi supplied me with the awesome tentacles. And I recently got the OK from guzusuru to use her baller ass John animation, and it fit perfectly!

Once again, lexxy supplied the sponsor’s voiceover.

A lot of work went into this!

The John animation really does fit perfectly, what luck! I would totally animate more for this if there was interest, haha.


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